Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Back to the Pool

It's been a while since my last blog.
In fact  December 2013 was my last update.
A lot has happened since then in my life, my career and my fitness training.
From workouts in Chelsea, London to boxing training in Swindon, and power walks around Coate Water. It's been a few years, and now I'm back again.
I'm now based in Farnham, Surrey and I'm still keeping as active as ever.
Still in the fitness industry, I'm making time to get my workouts in.
I'm really enjoying getting back in the swimming pool and it's not easy to get my swimming fitness up again. I would manage between 400/500m and be absolutely shattered and struggling for breath.
So can 10 minutes of swimming be that hard?  I tell you now, it's tough!
Now I'll average over 1250/1500m swimming in just around 25 minutes and I feel great for it.
With bike rides in between and a few exercises in the park and lifting some weights, I really feel better from the swimming.
So, if you're thinking of a nice workout to really burn your calories, get down to your local pool and get swimming.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Your Career Path - 12 Staff Entrepreneurs Needed - Health - Nutrition & Fitness!

When was the last time you updated your CV or Resume?

Looking at our busy lives, and excuses to put things off, I look at the amount of time we spend on social media channels, or gadgets and gaming.  It is amazing at how much we procastinate.... I do it too! I admit it.

Looking back at our avhievements in our careers, I can say I have not written them down.  How many of you record daily, weekly, monthly or yearly some key moments in your working career and add them to your CV?

It's like a new revisit to your Vision board.  Every so often, something new comes up, or changes to your thought process, or adding to your skillset.

Updating your personal life skills and your professional credentials takes time and effort.  What sells you above the rest of the people in your trade and expertise?

What sets you above the rest of the competition to further develop your career and take a place instead of 300 other candidates?

Firstly, it's a readable CV, a testimony to your career and developmental achievements over the years.

How your record and write your CV is up to you.  But I can guess, you want to stand out from the others and make a First Impression very quickly.

I've always been a postive, goal orientated, driven entrepreneur.  Whether it's in health & fitness, personal training, or business management, to taking part in sports competitively, my determination to be successful and come out on top has always been there.  I'm striving to be the best I can be.

And, by striving to be the best I can be, isn't just my business life, it's my relationships with family & friends, it's my health, to be in great shape, to have good energy, and to feel fulfilled.

I'd like to inspire others to do the same, to let people reach out to me and ask for direction, because they feel that they can trust me.

With over 24 years working in a rewarding industry, health & fitness becomes second nature to me.  I breathe it, I live it, it really is a part of who I am.

I identify with my career that I have chosen, and no-one will ever tell me differently.  I live with passion, I work with passion, and I help people with passion.

Whenever you hear of someone looking for help, and you really feel their passion for a position in the health & fitness industry, get them to contact me.

I WILL show them the path to success, and living a life that they will come to love, enjoy and share.

Call me on 07703743409

Jason Scott - December 26th 2013

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Be Well - Be Happy - Be True - Be You

Every new year comes around and we look for change.

What is it you want to change?

Your health?

Your career?

Your fitness?

Your relationship?

Where you live?

You have one life and the position you're in right now is a real reflection on the choices you've made.

And they're the right choices if you're happy in life.

If there are changes you need to make, then plan to change them and stick to them.

Be positive, embrace change and embrace others choices on what they decide to do.  It's about achieving abundance and happiness.

Most people I know, feel that fitness is a great escapism, that it improves their mental state and their wellbeing.  It makes you take action.  Not just talking about getting fit, but actually taking part.

It's the taking part that counts!

Enjoy, be healthy, be happy, and if you're not, change it.

If you need help and direction, then JLS Pro-Fit can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Give me a call on 07703743409

Or take up my new challenge at

Be well - be happy - be YOU!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

To New Friends & My New Vi Family

To New Friends

There are times in life when you meet some great people and within a few seconds they create a first impression that touches your heart.

I met a few people this weekend that really hit a spot in my heart.

Here they are and they know the story and I know how much I respect them!

These people treat themselves and each other as well as other people with respect and help that is so touching.

I am proud to call you my new friends in my new Vi Family.

Jason Scott
23 November 2013

Friday, 22 November 2013

Life Transformations


What does it mean to you?

What does it mean to me?

What does it mean to us?

Answers to my email please!

Well, in many respects it can be in direct proportion to your health, a fitness goal, your relationships or with partners or family members.

I look at a transformation in a few ways, so here we go:

1. I have to survive! To survive is to live LIFE.  To earn an income. To enjoy what I do for work. To empower others to be the best they can be.

2. To change someone's HEALTH is very rewarding.  Whether you want to lose weight, get fit. Get off or reduce your medication.
Look, feel and play better.  Whatever your goal is, I'll help you transform that goal into reality.

3. Your PROSPERITY comes from your ability to allow abundance into your LIFE.
Now, I know some of you are working the daily chore and grind to make ends meet.  You're not 100% happy in what you do in your job.  You may like your job, however, do you really have a true desire, love and passion for that job? Could you be promoted in that job to earn more than the CEO? No, is most peoples answer.  I can help you fire your boss very soon! Ask me how.

4.  Transforming your ability to be free!
Free to choose what you WANT to do, not what you HAVE to do!  How many of you would choose a life where you have an opportunity to help others, your close friends & your family, to have a better, improved life, nearly financially free or completely financially free?

It's like doing a Lottery, except you get great satisfaction because you win the Lottery by helping people improve their LIFE - HEALTH and PROSPERITY!  Now say it again, you WIN the lottery because you help others improve their HEALTH - LIFE and PROSPERITY?! Yes! I can help you!

You will be far more worthy of yourself, accepting, that you worked hard and deserve the life you lead for helping others. Considerably!

TRANSFORMATIONS to peoples lives is more than money, it's about saving lives and punching OBESITY in the face!

Just consider this, our young children, nieces and nephews are a statistic fact, that they will not currently live as long as you and I.

I do NOT want that for my families children.  HELP ME STOP IT!

Together, I BELIEVE we can beat this epidemic that is killing us!

Join me today on the Number 1 Health and Fitness Challenge on the PLANET.


JASON SCOTT - 21 November 2013

(+44) 7703743409

Thursday, 21 November 2013

I'm a few days into my 90 Day Fitness & Health Challenge...

And my GOAL is to LOSE 10lbs in weight.  You HAVE to JOIN me TODAY!

See incredible results achieved already here AMAZING BODY TRANSFORMATIONS

to see how my business JLS Pro-Fit is going to STOP CHILDHOOD & ADULT OBESITY

Jason Scott

Professional Personal Trainer

(+44) 07702564964  for more information

See the light at the end of the Tunnel....

We Are One - World People

A true story by Jason Scott -

On the packed train in Toronto last night.
I'm sat next to an adult Down Syndrome guy.
He's playing his game, saying 'I love you Mummy' he was smiling at me so I smiled back and said hi to him.
He then waves his plastic stick and says 'magic' to me.
I asked if he likes Harry Potter, and he says 'Yes' with the biggest smile.
I'm at this point very aware that the people in the carriage are looking at me and him, I felt they'd already judged him for how he looks and acts.... Pitiful human behaviour which is not deserved.
As he reels off the characters in the Harry Potter films, he then starts to smile and laugh and use his sticks like drums.  I ask him if he likes making noise on drums.
He replies with a big laughing smile 'yes'
So we begin to make noise like tapping drums.  We are smiling having fun. He turns to his mum and says 'I love you mummy'
Everyone is watching us not sure how to react, not sure whether to smile, not sure whether they can!
I treat every human being the same, with respect, honour and self dignity, no matter where you come from or what status you are! WE ARE ONE!
Jason Scott 21st November 2013